Fishing Areas

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The following water is available in the area:

Harrträsk, Vassaraträsk, Vassara river, Sikträsk, Sikträskbäcken, Lina river, Vuoskajärvi, Kakkurijärvi, Romsijärvi, Nuonisjärvi and Lietikkajärvi . In the fishing area there is also Nuolajärvi which has its own fishing license.

Sikträsk, Sikträskbäcken, Vassaraträsk & Vassaraälven

The water system has a natural stock of whitefish, pike, perch, grayling and trout. Sikträsk is the fishery conservation area’s largest lake, where some support planting of trout takes place every autumn.

Please note that the fishing license area’s fishing license does not include fishing in the Ammas basin that runs down into Sikträsk and Torrisbäcken, which runs down into the Vassarat marsh.

Harr Swamp

Harrträsk is a lake that lies at the foot of the Dundret and after many years of continuous release, the lake now holds a really fine stock of trout. There are also plenty of whitefish and some trout have grown up and some large specimens have been caught in the lake.

There is also a small stock of grayling in the lake. At the boathouses in the western end of the lake there is the opportunity to launch a boat. Please note that fishing with a rod per person applies.


The lakes are two small cold spring lakes above Sikträsk where there is trout, grayling, whitefish and also some char for the lucky ones. In the first of the lakes, the trout is planted.

There is no road to the lakes, but it is less than four kilometers from the Sikträskvägen.

Lina River

Gällivare FVO also includes fishing in the Lina river from the bridge at Sarkasvaara down to the confluence with the Vassara river below Stenbron. In the river there are grayling, trout, perch, whitefish and pike. There is also salmon in the Lina river, but most salmon do not migrate so high up in the river.


A marsh lake that holds a natural stock of perch and pike.

Kakkurijärvi, Romsijärvi, Nuonisjärvi, Lietikkajärvi

At Littikhed between the E10an and the airfields are some small ponds where there are perch and pike.